Hal Turner – China, Fact & Fantasy

A receiver at Cyber-Tek/Dystonaut Labs Radio Monitoring Post & SIGINT Facility

Unlike many writers affiliated with the self-reliance and preparedness scene, Cyber-Tek/Dystonaut Labs and most of our affiliates maintain communications listening posts to collect and process Signals Intelligence (SIGINT), and specifically COMINT (Communications Intelligence). Since for the majority of our 30 year existence we and most of our people have been located in the Northeast, it’s safe to say that we have this region covered pretty well. Well enough that we can hear the proverbial flea fart in a windstorm, especially if the flea is in New England.

Considering this capability, it came as a surprise to discover we might have missed hearing and noticing two Chinese Divisions coming into Maine, particularly the 200-plus transport flights that would have been required just for the personnel, not to mention all their gear and provisions. Having had a front row seat for the Desert Shield deployment at Ft. Sill, and then later having to get a reserve component Field Artillery unit ready for activation, I can tell you from personal experience that the preparations for invading a country are very noticeable even to someone who is not paying attention.

Upon hearing that this bit of fake news came from Hal Turner, we considered his past as an FBI informant, and figured it was just a bit of creative fiction to make a little money and get a few of his more stupid, gullible, or unstable listeners to go do something that will get them arrested.

We’ve talked about Honey Pots and Wire-Jiggling in a previous blog entry. That’s when a someone tries to get their opposition to do something stupid, in the hopes they get busted or are otherwise neutralized. A lot of Maine is rural with small towns where everybody knows one another. Some batshit crazy conspiracy theorist from New Jersey going up there to do something about a fake Chinese invasion would stand out as much as a division of PLA, and would be easy to identify, isolate, and incarcerate.

With that said, pundits such as Hal Turner serve a useful purpose for several private groups that are loosely affiliated with Dystonaut Labs. They are used as a filter in part of the process to disqualify prospects who might cause the group problems later. If your group is smart it will do the same.

And now it’s the time for facts instead of fantasy.

Those of you looking for accurate information of Chinese military capability can consult the following links:




Readers on the West Coast who are into hobbyist SIGINT and COMINT would find China to be a worthy target, and have a better chance of successful collection efforts. For starters, refer to the following links:



Unlike conspiracy theory informant assholes such as Hal Turner, we would rather not feed bullshit to, nor see our readers go to jail for doing stupid shit, and instead would rather provide factual information to help our readers conduct proper OSINT and SIGINT operations so they can know what’s really going on in the world around them. Hopefully the background information we’ve provided to you gets your off to a good start.

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