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Useful Linux Command Guide

UPDATE: Replaced the old second edition with the latest (fifth) edition. Needed a refresher on a Linux shell command atContinue readingUseful Linux Command Guide

Don’t know where to begin, actually. Everything has been cliched and debunked ad nauseum to the point where one beingsContinue reading

Radio Selection Criteria

There is no current production radio that meets all these criteria. There are, however, a few that come close. RadioContinue readingRadio Selection Criteria

On World Domination, Techno-Freak Style

Agent T.W. Lee sends… The year was 1984, and the place was the author’s local “Radio Shack” store. We hadContinue readingOn World Domination, Techno-Freak Style

The Dystonaut

Dystonaut is a word I coined in 2008. It means someone who is, or would like to be, skilled inContinue readingThe Dystonaut

Setting Up A Lab & First Experiments

Many experimenters start out with a multi-tool of some sort. The multi-tool of choice these days is the Leatherman orContinue readingSetting Up A Lab &...