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Rittenhouse Response

The Rittenhouse trial is over, and the jury found him not guilty. Since everyone who cares about the case hasContinue readingRittenhouse Response

Government Master File

Via https://mt-fedfiles.blogspot.com/2021/10/government-master-file.html. This file is heavily redacted, and is only about 20% of all Federal Government LMR licenses. There’s stillContinue readingGovernment Master File

Underground Publishing Advice

Got samizdat? http://www.jeffreysomers.com/ysk/ysk8.html


TICOM – Technical Intelligence Communications. Another experimental zine published by yours truly from 2005-2010. Six issues were released during thisContinue readingTICOM Zine

Periodic Dispatch – November 15th, 2021

The Rittenhouse trial went to the jury today after closing arguments. Wisconsin has already activated a few National Guard troopsContinue readingPeriodic Dispatch – November 15th,...


Some things have to to be said. Rittenhouse is just a dumb kid with no experience, and his parents shouldContinue readingRittenhouse

Sunday Dispatch – November 7th, 2021

Hello! Hello? Is this thing working? Averaging 50-75 visitors to this site a day, and zero comments except for someContinue readingSunday Dispatch – November 7th,...

Getting Ready For The MONEX

There are a few things you need to be aware of before engaging in this MONEX, especially if you'll be in the field... … Continue...