Gettysburg Flag Burning, Online Trolls, and Deception Operations

Read this story, twice.


Deception operations have a long history in this line of work, and as you see they can be very effective. Especially against low-information activists.

The countermeasure? Right here:


This is one of the better manuals I’ve seen on the subject, but the process of eliminating fake threats from the real deal is a long and involved process. It’s not something you can do right away. Someone should have started tracking Adam Rahuba back in 2013 when he purports to have started his hobby.

Here is another good one:


Now whatever you do, don’t do anything illegal like set up an IMSI catcher at a protest event, because that would be bad, ok?

Don’t try this at home.


Cheap Truth

From the beginning of Cyberpunk.



Yankee Push Drill vs. Cordless Screwdriver

This made me smile. ๐Ÿ™‚

Two other considerations are that the Yankee Push Drill is more compact and does not need batteries.



  • If you are so far away from Atlanta that you need a scanner app to hear them, they are too far away to worry about for tactical purposes. However, the narratives of the George Floyd, Rayshard Brooks, et al incidents may show a trend that is interesting from a strategic standpoint, and something you may want to watch for in your community.
  • The lack of a police presence works both ways. If there are no cops to arrest the bad guys, then, quite theoretically speaking, there are no cops for someone to worry about if a bad guy suddenly becomes ambient temperature dependent in the process of doing something bad and winds up in a dumpster somewhere. Nor would there be any cops to worry about if someone, quite theoretically speaking, took grandpa’s M3, you know the one he smuggled out of Germany in his duffel bag after the war, out of its hiding place because it became a needed tool.
  • However, I expect the rule of law to be established in Atlanta, one way or the other, sometime in the future, and I advise my readers not to do anything they might regret later, whether it’s on a personal or legal level. With that said, here is a useful law for those of you living in Atlanta right now:

2010 Georgia Code
ยง 17-4-60 – Grounds for arrest

O.C.G.A. 17-4-60 (2010)
17-4-60. Grounds for arrest

A private person may arrest an offender if the offense is committed in his presence or within his immediate knowledge. If the offense is a felony and the offender is escaping or attempting to escape, a private person may arrest him upon reasonable and probable grounds of suspicion.


This Is Where It Begins For You



Winners and Losers


  • People who paid attention via OSINT, HUMINT, and SIGINT.
  • People who were able to help out in some manner, whether they were first responders, heathcare workers, or hobbyists cranking out PPE on their 3D printers.
  • People who put aside 1-3+ months of what they normally need/use.
  • People who took notes for later action.
  • People who used their time to go for a nice walk, work on a hobby they haven’t done in a while, or take up a new one.


  • Anyone who fully believed the official narrative, regardless of what side of the fake fence it came from.
  • Anyone who thinks 5G is connected to any of this.
  • Anyone who couldn’t tell the difference between essential and expendable.
  • Any petty tyrant who used their status as an essential expendable worker to act like an asshole.
  • Anyone who publicly protested their state’s emergency actions, especially doing so while openly carrying small arms, and especially those particular special snowflakes who walked around with demilled AT4s and M2s made of wood. Damn, if you’re going to carry something, at least make sure it’s functional.


Everyone taking notes?

I hope so.

Remember, remember, come November.

Actually, you should have remembered during the Primary, before it was stolen from you.


Rocket Radio

Essential reading.



Communications Monitoring During The COVID-19 Emergency – National Guard

Frequency Ranges, Spacing, and Modes

30-88 MHz., FM and FHSS (Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum), Usually 25 KHz. spacing, but can be as low as 5 KHz. Often encrypted. Unencrypted FM will have PL tone of 150 Hz. (Will decode as 151.4 Hz.) The usual frequencies in this range are:

138.000-144.000 MHz.
148.000-150.775 MHz.
AM (aircraft), FM, P25 Modes. Encryption possible, esp with P25

162.000-174.000 MHz.
Shared with other Federal agencies. FM and 25. Encryption possible.

225-380 MHz.
Military aviation (AM) and SATCOM (FM). FHSS and encryption possible.

380-400 MHz. – FM and P25. Possibly some aviation activity on AM. Encryption possible.

406-420 MHz. – Shared with other Federal agencies. FM and 25. Encryption possible.

Additionally you may see National Guard units on their state’s trunked radio system, interoperability, and DHS/OEM frequencies.

My initial advice would be to first sector search the listed sub-bands in the 30-88 MHz. spectrum, 138-144 MHz., and 148-150.775 MHz.

REFERENCE: https://lvassembly.files.wordpress.com/2018/07/consolidatedfreqs.pdf


Movie Night #6

Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man

I watched this underrated modern classic last night, after the kids went to bed, but before my wife went to sleep. It seemed kinda appropriate in light of recent events, where we have kleptocrats getting away with insider trading just before a pandemic hits and the market tanks, followed by a recovery after the typical scripted bi-partisan circle jerk just like in the movies. If you vote for any of them next November, shame on you.

I was unable to find a free link for this one that worked, but it is currently free on Xfinity, and might be on your provider if you’re not with Xfinity.