More History


This was another excellent book we all wanted for our library, but couldn’t afford at the time. I shit you not, I finally found a copy a few years back at a used bookstore in the middle of Wyoming, of all places, and passed it along to someone else during the last downsizing.

Thanks to the folks at archive.org, you can now download and read it for free.


Computer Lib


Nine years after it was published, I was reading Steven Levy’s Hackers, and was first introduced to Ted Nelson‘s book. Being that I felt more affinity with the 1970s hardware hacking/free speech hackers than any other era of hacking history, I tried to find a copy without success until September, 1989 when I was on a cross-country trip across the US, and stopped at The Whole Earth Store in Berkeley, California. I would heartily recommend stopping there, but alas it closed down some time ago.

This was a top-shelf book in the hacking library for many years. I don’t recall if I loaned out my copy to never have it return, or it went missing during a move over the decades.