The Dystonaut

Dystonaut is a word I coined in 2008. It means someone who is, or would like to be, skilled in navigating dystopian environments. That is something all the TEOTWAWKI type doomsday preppers seem to miss. This particular style and philosophy of self-reliance and preparedness was known as Dystonautics, and was the basis of my book, Musings Of A Man In Black: Prometheus (published 2009).

The Dystonaut was a short-lived (7 issues) experimental zine that built upon the book. You will notice a lot of early versions of articles that have since been updated. There are also some philosophical, social, and political musings. Some of the views of the author have evolved/grown/changed since then, especially in regard to Randian Objectivism. “Prometheus” was released in 2009, and the The Dystonaut ran from 2011 to 2013. A lot has happened in the past 8-12 years, including a 2100 Mile move out West and back. Most of the technical information is still OK, although in some cases it’s been upgraded or corrected since its initial release, and reprinted elsewhere.

Do we live in a Dystopia? In some aspects we do, and in others we don’t. What is there to do? Everything and nothing depending on what you decide. It’s really all up to you in the end. If you decide to be a Dystonaut, I can’t stop you and might even encourage you toward a certain direction. If you get busted doing something stupid, claim you’re a Dystonaut, and I wind up having to testify in court because you got caught doing something stupid and I happen to be the guy that coined the term, I’m going to derive great pleasure in telling the jury, judge, and prosecutor, and everyone else attending the trial that you are a fucking idiot, why you are a fucking idiot, and why I feel that they should convict you just on general principle alone. Fortunately the memetic protections on my work have so far kept certain types of people away, if you catch my drift. Anyway, here is all the early “Dystonaut” stuff for your perusal.

In doing some OSINT research, I noticed a lot of Cybertek and Dystonaut material in various places across the net, from survivalist sites, to Buddhist sites, to anarchist sites. I also noticed it popping up occasionally in academic papers. Traditionally, we’ve always honored requests for interviews and such from students and alternative media as time permits, so if you wish to reach us you can call us at (413) 829-2377‬ or send an email to

Author: Ticom