Rittenhouse Response

The Rittenhouse trial is over, and the jury found him not guilty. Since everyone who cares about the case has already formed an opinion along the lines of their particular political leanings, and since there are active OSINT operations underway on all three sides, all I’m gonna say on this is that it was just another case of stupid spiraling out of control. I will, however, offer some suggestions as to how to make future events more successful and less painful.

My research has shown that Kenosha is no different than any other post-industrial Midwestern city turned bedroom community. In that regard it is much the same as many cities here in Connecticut, or elsewhere in the United States. What that means is that all it takes anywhere in this country is a local troublemaker, a town’s equivalent of Jacob Blake, to get shot by the police while doing something stupid, or for the town police department’s version of Derek Chauvin to lose control while on the job and arresting the town’s equivalent of George Floyd, and all hell might break lose. Past events since Rodney King show the now predictable narrative of what will happen next.

Suggestion number one is that if you insist on going to an event where shots may be fired, even accidentally, in your direction you should be wearing body armor. At this stage in the game I’d recommend something that could stop a 5.56mm NATO round since that’s what all those AR-15, excuse me M4, clones are usually firing. Actually, suggestion number one is to stay the fuck at home unless it’s absolutely necessary that you have to attend, but that seems to go over people’s heads for whatever reason.

Suggestion number two is to have a trusted battle buddy, and don’t leave his/her side. In fact, you need to keep your whole fucking fire team together, your fire team needs to keep its squad together, the squad needs to keep its platoon together, and so on. If you don’t understand this concept you have no business being out in the shit. Kyle’s real problem started when he wandered off, and the protesters, like the good predators they are, went for the little lamb that was separated from its flock. If a bunch of wolves and sheep understand this, than you should too.

Suggestion number three is to be familiar with the content and training presented in U.S. Army Field Manuals FM 19-15, FM 90-10-1, FM 7-8, and FM 5-31. You can google all those FMs and download the PDFs from various places on the net. For the uninitiated, the manuals are as follows:
FM 19-15 – Civil Disturbances
FM 90-10-1 – An Infantryman’s Guide To Combat In Built-Up Areas
FM 7-8 – The Infantry Rifle Platoon and Squad
FM 5-31 – Booby Traps

The best way to get this sort of training is to become a proper member of the nation’s militia and join a National Guard unit. It’s only eight years of your life, you get paid for some good technical training, and many state colleges offer you free tuition as a Guard member or veteran. Connecticut is one of them.

All Army National Guard units receive civil disturbance training. In fact, they do it every year during one of their weekend drills. If you are not looking for technical training, and just want to learn how to fight, your best bet is go for Infantry or Military Police. Even if you are in a support MOS you will have the opportunity to join the state’s Quick Reaction Force (QRF) and receive some useful. These are personnel who get activated for emergencies, and as NG combat arms and MP units get deployed federally overseas, they instead use support troops for the QRF. Of course that means that not only might you be ordered to attend one of these events, but you’ll also get paid for it, and not have to use your own gear.

Before you sign that enlistment document, assuming MEPS lets you get that far, remember that you will have to show up for drills one weekend a month, attend Annual Training for two weeks every year, and face the possibility of being activated and sent somewhere. It’s not for everyone, but the author did it for 11 years, so he’s not recommending something he didn’t do himself.

Those of you who can’t join the military for whatever reason might find some instruction among the droves of tactical trainers that ply their trade on the Internet. I don’t have any specific recommendations because the only gentleman I’d recommend, Michael Adam of BattleRoad, passed away in 2015. If you’ve had any experiences with any tactical trainer, good, bad, or other, we’d like to hear from you.

Communications are essential, and all Rittenhouse apparently had on him was a cellphone. COMSEC issues of cellphones aside, jamming or otherwise rendering cellphone service unusable in an area is a trival matter and as things progress should be considered a given in any interesting event. Analog FM Ham/ersatz LMR radios such as the Baofeng are popular, but also subject to COMSEC issues. The solution is to get a LMR business band license (or permission to operate under one), and run encrypted DMR, or run encryption on MURS like I did.

Video played a big role in the Rittenhouse trial. Keep in mind that everyone from the Feds right down to both sides of the incident will be running video, and you will get on it. That video can either acquit or convict you, depending on what activities are recorded. I recommend that combat camera teams, either hidden on the ground or using drones, are employed to covertly record the event from start to finish. This video coverage should be used for after-action analysis no matter what. Should a legal situation result, the video coverage could be used to aid in an acquittal or conviction, depending on the desired result. Conversely, denying the opposition useful intelligence by employing countermeasures may also be advised.

Little has changed when it comes to socially charged criminal trials and civil disturbances over the past 30 years. Juries are a crap shoot, and everyone lies to either get off a jury, or get on it. All Rittenhouse’s acquittal proved, much like the initial acquittals of Koon, Briseno, Wind, and Powell, was that 12 people couldn’t agree that he was guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. Whether that’s because of evidence or belief is irrelevant. What’s relevant is the aftermath. What’s also relevant is that one can be 100% in the right and still have a prosecutor go after them because the prosecutor is on the opposite side. Finally, since both sides and the narrative in this long-running feud are well-established, we know what happens in the sequence of events. Proper planning now will prevent poor performance later.

A good area study followed up by an analysis of current events should give you an indication as how vulnerable your business or residence location would be to a civil disturbance. You have a choice between strategically relocating beforehand, or continuing to support a population that’s going to turn on you the moment it suffers a Chauvin/Floyd event. Better you make the decision now before you have to solicit unorganized militiamen at the eleventh hour and later deny you requested them when they put you on the witness stand.

What you ultimately decide to do is up to you, but hopefully this information will help you make a more informed decision, and clue you in to watch and learn from the mistakes of certain less enlightened parties.

Author: Ticom