Some things have to to be said.

Rittenhouse is just a dumb kid with no experience, and his parents should have reined his fool ass in when he started making noise about crossing a state line to go play army.

Just like during January 6th, and in countless other instances in the past, we find that the defendant’s “buddy” rolled and testified against him. This is not surprising, because the defendant’s (battle) buddy should have stayed with him during the event. This is one of those important things that gets hammered into anyone who has gone though US Military training. You don’t leave your battle buddy. Not for anything, period, end of discussion.

I predict Rittenhouse will be acquitted on the serious charges, and convicted of being a minor in possession of a firearm. I also predict that the affinity groups who are aligned against him will go nuts, possibly to the point of starting civil disturbances.

Author: Ticom

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