SIGINT Research

Hobbyist SIGINT (Signals Intelligence) is a big activity and topic of research around here, along with an area of interest that is often focused on Central and South America, and the Caribbean. The two are combined on a regular basis.

Poder hablar español es una ventaja en esta investigación.

Attached please find a PDF of background information going back to the 1980s.

Most scanner hobbyists are not interested in this area of concentration, which is sad. Hopefully, this post will serve to restart some interest and activity in keeping an ear on our Southern neighbors.

Mantengan sus auriculares puestos, amigos míos.

Author: Ticom

2 thoughts on “SIGINT Research

  1. Imonitorit says:

    Good info. VHF-lo is worth keeping an ear on.

    1. Ticom says:

      Thank you.

      Indeed, still worth dedicating a receiver with proper antenna for monitoring.

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