Facebook Down

Facebook crashed today. Big fucking deal.

Ever since Cyber-Tek started in 1990, we’ve pushed alternative communications systems. When I started the Sparks31 brand eight years ago to teach grid-down/down-grid communications, the classes always emphasized never trusting anyone else’s infrastructure. Now you know why.

I can take or leave Facebook for the most part, but there is a small niche group of communications monitoring enthusiasts on there who I like to keep in touch with, and my town has a few pages which are occassionally good for finding out what’s going on. (OSINT) Since we’re already on there along with millions of other people, might as well toss up a FB page for the zine. If it goes down, it goes down. In the meantime I’ve got my police scanner on, and WNPR 90.5 MHz. on my FM dial always has news and decent programming. I’m listening to Marketplace right now, and they’re talking about the FB outage.

Since you cannot have too many channels of communication, I’ve reestablished accounts on Twitter (https://twitter.com/Ticom_Cybertek) and (makes face) Gab (https://gab.com/ticomcybertek). Smart readers of this blog will just pull the RSS Feed for updates.

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