Weekend Dispatch For October 2-3, 2021

To start off, the site now has the beginnings of a Library with some potentially useful books for you to download. More material will be added as time permits.

We killed the Twitter feed due to lack of interest/followers. Seems that Twitter has about the same level of engagement as Gab. Pull our RSS feed or follow us on Facebook if you want to know when a new post is up.

Looking at my news feed, I find this article:


I remember coming up the I-81 corridor one night in 2014 from the Tennessee state line to Hagerstown, and seeing the billboards advertising Alex Jones’ Infowars. Those Billboards are owned by Outfront Media, formerly CBS Outdoor, Viacom Outdoor, Gannett Outdoor, and a few other large and well-known advertising firms. It was then that I came to the conclusion that if Jones can afford that advertising, and was allowed to advertise on Outfront’s billboards, then something was hinky with him. Otherwise, why did one of the propaganda arms of the “New World Order” allow him to advertise? When he got sued over his statements about the Sandy Hook shooting being fake, he backpedals and claims he was suffering from a mental disorder at the time. Okay, we’ll go with that because that means that all the rest of his claims are suspect as well.

I then find this one:


I have had a particular dislike for the Oathkeepers (with a couple exceptions for people who I know are decent folk despite their (once) being affiliated with the organization) ever since they sent their “Colorado Communications Director” up to one of my Sparks31 classes, and a few weeks later started hosting their own “Grid-Down Communications” classes. It wasn’t them using my material that raised my ire, as the classes were copyrighted under Creative Commons. It was them not having the common decency to abide by the terms of the license. Having had that experience, it comes to me as no surprise that their lack of proper OPSEC and INFOSEC has resulted in some of the organization’s potential intelligence sources getting burned and potentially losing their jobs.

Although the Sparks31 blog is gone since it served its purpose and became extraneous, the folks at archive.org (at least one of whom is a friend of mine) went and archived it, for which I’m now grateful. In light of the events of January 6th, and the subsequent fallout, I’m sharing this link with you: https://web.archive.org/web/20160925215945/http://sparks-31.blogspot.com/2016/09/editorial.html. That is an editorial I wrote back in September, 2016. To sum it up:

  • The word insurrection was used.
  • People died.
  • There was hinky stuff going on with the organizations in question.
  • The Militia, in this case the Organized Militia, was used in reponse.
  • Most of your fellow citizens (you know the other 97%) either smiled and nodded approvingly, or just didn’t care either way.

Now you may ask how one manages to achieve a successful analysis as what I predicted five years go. There is nothing special about the process, and most everything you need to start with can be found by reading the materials in the Library.

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