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As far as the first is concerned, it is a well-known rule among those of us who have been in the business a while that if you are involved in any type of social or political activism, you can expect 1) That someone who doesn’t agree with you is going to drop a dime on you, 2) You will be investigated at some point in time, and depending on whether or not your favorite political party is running the show at the time, 3) They’re going to send in an informant/provocateur to try something with you. Here are a couple web pages with useful information:

The second and third articles are the same story, and it just reiterates what I’ve said over the past seven or eight years. Never trust anyone else’s infrastructure. It also proves true the old adage, “Never put all your eggs in one basket.” Sites like Gab and hosts like Epik are ghettos. They put everyone of the same demographic in one location where they can be isolated and dealt with. Speaking of Gab, it continues to be such a shit show that we deleted our account. If you want to follow us, either subscribe on this site, Facebook, or Twitter. With that said, if we don’t see a higher amount of engagement on Twitter than what we had on Gab, we’re gonna pull that account too. Not surprisingly, our greatest amount of engagement is on our Facebook page, which is perfectly fine by me. I might add that these are all secondary feed sources that simply point to the main content here, and if you want to get notification of articles as they are published, just pull our RSS feed at

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