Who is John Galt? He’s apparently a tech recruiter these days.

John Galt is a fictional character from Ayn Rand’s novel Atlas Shrugged. I learned today that it is also the name of a tech staffing agency outside of Boston.

In the novel, John Galt quits his job when his employer adopts elements of communism in determining employee salaries, and subsequently embarks on a mission to convince business owners and management to leave their companies and shut down their businesses.

Yep, a staffing agency took on the name of character who in the novel was trying to collapse society by convincing its most productive members to walk away from their jobs and companies.

I guess whomever came up with the name didn’t read Atlas Shrugged very well. or maybe they’re trying to attract a certain type. While Atlas Shrugged is an important novel, and one of those must-reads for someone’s personal education, it’s still just a work of fiction and needs to be taken in the context of the time it was written and the author’s background. With that said, it’s been my observation that people who are really into Objectivism are either still in their growth phase, or are cock-walloping assholes. On second thought, considering how toxic the IT industry environment can be these days, maybe the individual who thought to use “John Galt” is onto something?