Don’t visit DC on January 6th.

As January 6th. approaches, the accountant in us does a cost analysis.

Three days wages at $15/hour – $360
Two Night Hotel Stay – $450
Round trip Plane Ticket – $250
Meals for 3 days – $150
Car Rental for two days – $75
Total – $1,285

A trip to DC to go rally for a loser would cost you around $1,300. Most of us who have lives in the real world barely have two Nickels to rub together, yet alone $1,300 to go spend a day in a shithole. If we did happen to come across the money, we have much better things to invest in. Stuff that will be helpful in the future.

The election was not “stolen” from Donald Trump. He either alienated the unaffiliated and undecided voters more than Joe Biden did, or if the system is truly corrupt and rigged, failed to play the game better than Biden. I’m saying it was the former because HUMINT and OSINT indicated that many conservative voters, especially those in the RKBA movement and in the rural West, did not vote for him out of spite because of his executive order bump-stock ban, and because they considered him a fake conservative. The simple fact that he wants his supporters to blow almost a week’s worth of wages on an 11th hour rally tells me a lot about him, and it paints him in a poor light.

The reality is that based on my experiences and observations from living on the East Coast and Intermountain West, both the Democrats and the Republicans have some good ideas mixed in with some really bad ones, and that it takes the unaffiliated voters who just want a normal fucking life to keep both parties in line and have them rein in their more extreme elements. The simple fact, based on voter registration records, is that both of the two major parties are more or less evenly matched in numbers on a nationwide basis, and have to avoid pissing off the rest of us if they want to stay in power.

Republicans and Conservatives need to start planning now so that maybe they have a chance again in four years. Democrats and Liberals need to check themselves and not be total ass-hats for the next four years or they too may find themselves on the outside because they pissed off enough unaffiliated and undecided voters to the point where the Republicans are the lesser evil the next time around. Discussion of governmental corruption and voter fraud, and the possible responses to same is something that is probably best done in a SCIF, if you catch my drift. If you don’t know what a SCIF is, then you have a bit to learn. The word “insurrection” has come up in discussion before on both sides of the fence, and the next administration might do a little more than just talk.

So what to do then?

Those of you within RF LOS of DC might have a great opportunity this week if enough people ignore my advice. Hopefully you have SIGINT gear up and running so you can take advantage of it. For the rest of you, the seed catalogs have come in, and Spring will be here soon enough. While the morons and gullible asshats go blow their money at their pity party and circle-jerk session, you can help make America germinate again, and at the end of the day have something useful to show for it.

When you have everything planted, perhaps you might want to learn something new and useful. Here are a couple websites to help you out:

Some of those sites sell interesting books and items that you will find useful, educational, and beneficial. You will be much better off afterwards, and will have spent much less than $1300. Maybe $50-$100 to get started.

What an I doing on January 6th? I have a day job, and will be working that day. When I get home, I’ll probably go fuck around in my lab if I have some free time after doing all the daily adult shit you need to do when you own a house. While I have enough paid vacation time to take a few days off, DC in the Winter is not even close to being on the list of potential destinations when there are plenty of places in the North Country that are less crowded and have excellent trails for snowshoeing. I could bring the family here, or we could go here.

If you are reading this, and have a favorite place in the Northeast to go snowshoeing or cross-country skiing, please send me an email –

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