Cheap Truth

From the beginning of Cyberpunk.

Author: ticom

| July 11th, 2020 | Posted in Uncategorized |

3 Responses to “Cheap Truth”

  1. Bobby Says:

    This year, all the H.O.P.E. talks will be online, so check the schedule and pay attention. You MAY not get another chance, as events occur faster and faster. You can never cross the same river twice!

  2. ticom Says:

    Indeed, my friend.

  3. Mustang0268 Says:

    When upon the banks of the Rubicon, it is best to know how to swim prior to entering the water. It is even better if you have a boat, loaded to the gunwales, and you cross swiftly and quietly, such that none know you passed.

    Some words, old or not, still resonate through time. Thanks ticom, always a good read!

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