Winners and Losers


  • People who paid attention via OSINT, HUMINT, and SIGINT.
  • People who were able to help out in some manner, whether they were first responders, heathcare workers, or hobbyists cranking out PPE on their 3D printers.
  • People who put aside 1-3+ months of what they normally need/use.
  • People who took notes for later action.
  • People who used their time to go for a nice walk, work on a hobby they haven’t done in a while, or take up a new one.


  • Anyone who fully believed the official narrative, regardless of what side of the fake fence it came from.
  • Anyone who thinks 5G is connected to any of this.
  • Anyone who couldn’t tell the difference between essential and expendable.
  • Any petty tyrant who used their status as an essential expendable worker to act like an asshole.
  • Anyone who publicly protested their state’s emergency actions, especially doing so while openly carrying small arms, and especially those particular special snowflakes who walked around with demilled AT4s and M2s made of wood. Damn, if you’re going to carry something, at least make sure it’s functional.

Author: ticom

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