Wildflower’s Favorite Crystal Radio Book


This one was his favorite, and the one he would usually reference when building sets. He liked it so much, he used to print out copies and give them to his techie friends.

Author: ticom

2 Responses to “Wildflower’s Favorite Crystal Radio Book”

  1. Mustang0268 Says:

    I’m curious..has anyone proposed a contest to construct a working crystal radio set, from scavenged materials one might find in the street, during a grid-down and SHTF-type of catastrophe? It would be interesting to see how someone would source materials and then actually construct one. Just wondering..


  2. ticom Says:

    There’s plenty of information out there that will point people in the right direction, and hobbyists have been building crystal sets from scrap since the dawn of radio.

    If you want to start a contest, have at it. Why wait for someone else to do it?

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