Vignette #1

The newest piece of computing iron in the building was 10 years old. Most of it was older, and he thought he saw an old IBM mini-computer tucked away in a corner that was at least 30 or so years old. Manuals dating from when he was in high school stacked on dusty shelves. The place had a feeling of somewhere that was, once. He was not sure it it would ever be again. Sighing, he started inventorying what was reminiscent of an industrial surplus store. “Some of this stuff might still work,” he thought, “and it’s better than nothing.”

It had been a while since anyone was in the lab, and the yearning had begun. A quick look around showed the newest gear was from somewhere around Y2K or thereabouts. He reached into the old briefcase in-between flashbacks, and pulled out a box of flat black squares, some 5 inch, some 3 1/2 inch. Flipping through them, he finds the ones labelled “BSD.” “I’ve run worse.” he thought. Blows dust off a gray and white box with a Deathstar logo on the front. Remembers it from back in the day. “Let’s start here…”

Author: ticom

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2 Responses to “Vignette #1”

  1. Devin S Says:

    Is this a personal experience?

  2. ticom Says:

    On more than one occasion. Especially in flyover country.

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