Wildflower’s Doomsday Disks

One of our writers, the late Wildflower, made a hobby of downloading various survival, self-reliance, and preparedness info he’d find on the Net, burn the files to CD, and then pass them out at various prepper gatherings in New England. If you attended one of them back in the day, you probably received a copy. Over the years, he had made six of these CDs, and switched from CDs to cheap USB drives that he would find on clearance at various places. He was very fond of Benny’s (now closed), having one down the road from him , Big Lots, and Ocean State Job Lot. Indeed, a lot of his gear was bought from those three places.

I have taken the liberty to zip up all six disks into one file, and upload it for your educational pleasure. With many of us staying at home because of this COVID-19 thing, now is a perfect time to read and learn something new. There is a LOT of information in this file. Useful stuff that you will handy in the future.


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  1. D Says:

    Thank you for sharing these.

  2. Mustang0268 Says:

    Yes, thanks for sharing!!


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