Two Anti-Gun Governors and the Gun Stores They Serve

In recent news, the governors of both Illinois and Connecticut, notoriously anti-gun in their perceived political viewpoints, have exempted gun stores in their COVID-19 shutdowns, citing them as “essential businesses.”

Here is Connecticut:

Who would have thought we would see the NRA say something nice about Governor Lamont?

Here is Illinois:

I like that, “for purposes of safety and security.”

So now, the long-term, strategic question is “Why did these two anti-gun governors exempt firearm sales?” The quick knee-jerk answer of “My 2nd Amendment Right.” doesn’t fly here, as they could have easily have either gone the opposite way, and be legally justified initially because of a state of emergency, or they could have simply ignored it. So complementary to the first question is “Why didn’t they use this emergency as a back-door gun control method?”

These are not easy questions, nor is the right answer going to come immediately. However, it might hold the key for future RKBA successes, which at least here in the Nutmeg State are few and far between.

Author: ticom

| March 24th, 2020 | Posted in Connecticut, COVID-19, Illinois, Preparedness, RKBA, self-reliance, survivalist |

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