Down-Grid Communications At The 11th Hour

So, you don’t have a ham license for whatever reason, and since the guys who administer the test are all over 60 anyway, you’re not taking it anytime soon. You might have one of those fucking Baofeng radios, but you put it in a footlocker somewhere thinking you’ll get to it eventually. Guess what? It’s now eventually.

Fortunately, there’s a nationwide group that has done a lot of your homework for you. You can find them at, and specifically you’ll want to read

So, hopefully you’ll know enough about that Baofeng to plug in the frequency of  151.940 MHz, and hopefully have someone within a mile of you to talk with, because that’s all you’re likely to get with just the rubber duck antenna on that handheld.

Better solution: Get a CB from your local truck stop, and a 12V deep cycle battery from your local hardware/ag supply store. Read this article, and then get the parts to build the antenna. The coax and connectors you should be able to get at the truck stop, everything else from the local hardware/ag supply store. Toss the antenna in a tree, hook up the battery to the CB, and tune it to Channel Three. Better than nothing and no license required.

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