A Connecticut Yankee Talks About COVID-19

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I’d like to start by sharing you a list of COVID-19 articles collected by a former colleague: https://forsdick.weebly.com/covid-19.html.

Now here is the official COVID-19 website from the State of Connecticut, which I’m only calling out because I live here: https://portal.ct.gov/coronavirus. In particular, pay attention to https://portal.ct.gov/-/media/Coronavirus/CTDPHCOVID19summary3212020.pdf.

Here’s my first observation from this data so far. In Connecticut, it seems to have followed the major highway corridors out of Southeast New York (the epicenter), and likes areas with high population and population density. So, those in the rural parts of this state that have little contact with urbanites or downstate/NY commuters have less to worry about than those on the shoreline or on the major lines of travel in the state. You could also interpret the data to say that money doesn’t replace common sense, because the hot spots in Connecticut are, to put it politely, more affluent than average.

My second observation is that if you are under 60 and otherwise in good health, you probably won’t die from this, but could get really sick, which would still suck, and you could pass it along to someone over 60 you might not want to see dead just yet.

If you followed my (and others) advice over the years, this is just a minor bump in the road. Otherwise, you might be panicking every time Governor Lamont signs another Executive Order.

Personal defense is always a biggie. Thanks to our state’s ineffectual RKBA organizations, and high kleptocrat population (especially in the public sector), you are now well past the 11th hour this time around. Ever since 2013 you needed at least an Eligibility Certificate to buy guns and ammo in this state, and preferably a Permit to Carry Handguns so you can go heeled. In the more permissive towns under normal circumstances (definitely not now) that’s about a two week process after you take the firearms safety class, submit your application, and get fingerprinted. Less permissive towns, like some in Fairfield County, can take longer. Hopefully this latest episode will prompt you to get off your lazy, complacent, yet recently awakened backside and get going on this after things return to the status quo. In the meantime, I’m going to refer you to the following material, complements of my old friend Kurt Saxon: https://archive.org/search.php?query=Kurt+saxon. Since Home Depot and hardware stores remain open for the time being, you might want to get some tools and raw materials if you already don’t have them, and spend your time at home learning a new hobby.

Alternative news and information collection is another big concern, especially since the “fake news” filters on Facebook and other social media are perceived, perhaps rightfully so, by many to operate in a flawed manner. For that I will refer you to https://sigintcomint.wordpress.com/ for more information. Connecticut state agencies, including the State Police have moved to a radio system that requires an expensive piece of kit to monitor, and can implement encryption that would make monitoring by the average person impossible. Your mileage may vary with various local agencies across the state, however, and a less expensive unit may suffice. Shortwave broadcasts are a different manner, and provide an adequate alternate source to what you hear domestically. I have also heard rumors that certain organizations in Connecticut may have acquired broadcast capability and intend to provide their own news and information sources if things start getting worse. Based on previous observations I would scan the bands, but not hold my breath.

Back in the day, you could buy both police scanners and shortwave receivers from my buddies Alex and Bill at Lentini Communications in Newington and then Berlin. Their retail shop is closed now, and I don’t know the extent of their mail order offerings. There is always Amazon, and if they weren’t closed by the latest executive orders you’d be able to drive to either J&S Radio in Willamantic or L&S Communications in Cromwell. They might be open tomorrow (3/23/2020) for one last hurrah. Don’t know just what they carry these days, but call them if it’s important all the sudden that you need some monitoring equipment.

That’s all I got for now. I’ll write more later.

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